Appliances Should Complement Kitchen and Home

I recently visited a friend in California. She had one of those country cottages, wooden, cozy with loads of neutral colors. The thing that just didn’t match was her kitchen. It really bothered me. The counters were marble; a subtle milky color and the cabinets and flooring were wooden in a deep mahogany brown. Her fridge was mustard yellow. Her kettle was a dull red and her stove was stainless steel. All her appliances clashed with the rich wooden color of the floor and made the whole room seem smaller and cluttered.

Choosing appliances for the kitchen is essential in tying your home’s interior together. There are several things to keep in mind. The kitchen should always complement the rest of the house, so make sure your appliances do the same. If you’ve got a modern home with blacks and whites, modern stainless steel appliances look absolutely great. Not only do they not age, they are easy to replace as you don’t have to worry about finding matching colors.

If your flooring is black and your counter tops and cabinetry white you can experiment a bit with bright colors. Bright

reds may be a nice touch, but if you’re unsure about it, resist the urge. Instead, go for color in your smaller appliances like the toaster or tea kettle. Bosch and Whirlpool offer a variety of great hoods and exhausts in bright colors, if your kitchen has black marble flooring, black cabinetry and black counter tops, be daring and add an orange or bright red hood to give your kitchen a more contemporary feel.

If you’ve got a wooden kitchen like my friend, your cabinetry and flooring are likely to match. In that case, go for earth tones. Most shades of green are likely to look great. Wooden houses are generally styled to give a homey and warm feel, so stainless steel or black appliances will clash. White appliances also look great and go with wood.

From ovens to coffee makers to refrigerators, all kitchen appliances and accessories are now available in a variety of colors and styles. Keeping my suggestions in mind, don’t forget that these appliances are very pricey and will stay with you for a while. Look around, read up on customer reviews, visit stores and ask questions before you purchase. If you know you might be moving soon, stick to neutrals as they will more attractive to a potential home buyer.

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J. Steeple is writer, blogger, and homeowner. She wishes her appliances were orange. Maybe someday.

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