Affordable Home Decorating Ideas

We all like to have a nice looking house that presents warmth and personality. When undergoing home decorating there are many factors to consider, for example, what colors, patterns and themes to choose and what interior design style you want to achieve.

And, of course, budget is always a major consideration that limits the range of options you have available. Especially in today’s uncertain economy, finding ways to make your home more comfortable and stylish can be a real exercise in budget management!

There are so many different styles to choose from such as Victorian, modern and country. However, the most common style for individuals today is a modern home. This is due to changes in fashion and style.

Unfortunately, due to the increase in popularity of modern homes, it can become fairly expensive when home decorating. For example, modern furniture often means designer furniture and designer means money. However, there are many ways to home decorate on a budget.

The trick is to find unqiue items that dont cost a whole lot. The Diamond Mirror pictured here is available online at Piet Houtenbos.

Living and Family Room Design Cost Saving Ideas

The main room in most American homes will be the living room, family room or great room. This room must serve a variety of functions and occasions, from cozying by the fire to hosting a party for your family and friends.

As individuals, we like to leave a good impression, whether it’s the way we look or the way our home looks. Therefore, creating a comfortable and stylish living or family room is vital to provide an ideal setting for many occasions.

If your Living room is fairly small then using neutral colors such as whites and creams creates the illusion that the room is a lot larger than it realistically is. The advantage of using neutral colors is that they can be added to with accessories such as decorative cushions, throw covers and other accessories like flowers. This adds personality. In addition, if you desire more personality and color then creating a theme wall is easy.

A ‘theme’ wall can be contrasted differently from other walls for various effects; in the case of a small room then decorating the theme wall in colors such as turquoise or yellows makes the room appear larger. This also gives your room character and painting is always a cheap and easy way to enhance your room décor.

Take an ordinary object such as this metallic urn and transform it into something unique and special.

Inexpensive Home Decorating Accessories

Using curtains and other accessories like decorative cushions and throw covers that match the color or pattern of the main wall, also, ties in the design of the room and again helps make the room appear more cozy and warmer along with providing a sense of modernity.

Use accessories such as decorative cushions and throw covers to add character to any room. The accessories should match the color scheme of the room, for example, if the room is white with turquoise then turquoise cushions and throw covers will tie the room together.

The main thing to focus on when undergoing home decorating is to let your personality shine through! A nice addition to any room will be framed family photographs. It’s a cheap way of adding character and is personal to you, which therefore, gives the sense of the room being homely. It can also be a good supplement to parties as it will give your guests something interesting to see and stories to be told that help them get to know you better.

After: Yankee Belle transformed this space by refinishing the urn to suit the room decor!

Affordable Home Lighting Ideas

To add further warmth to a room, the use of a table or floor lamp is an excellent idea. There are several types of lamps to choose from depending on what you plan to use it for. An ideal style of lamp for a living room is a table lamp as they are simple but have many advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • Candles, luminaries and votives create a warm dim light to create a cozy mood within the room.
  • They do not take up much space.
  • When not in use they can be a nice decoration.
  • Candles can also help create a various number of settings for any room. When lit, candles give out a dim, shimmering light that can create a romantic setting. Scented candles are also useful as they circulate pleasant aromas around the room when lit. A further advantage of candles is that they are very cheap and can be purchased in many hardware stores.

There are so many different styles and colors. For example, dramatic candles (these can be used as decoration as they are often patterned), adventure candles (these add character and can come in the shapes of animals, people etc.), scented candles (these can come in many different fragrances) amongst others. In addition, candle holders can also be used to add decoration to a room even when the candles are not lit.

By using these tips you can create the perfect family or living room without spending a fortune. These tips can also be used and/or amended to be used in other rooms within your home for the perfect modern home.

Budget Home Decorating Tips

  • Paint – As mentioned in other articles of this section, paint is a great, cheap and easy way to create new looks within a home. You can buy it in almost every color imaginable and it has many uses. You can paint old furniture, walls or floors to create a new appearance. You can also get creative with it and paint your own designs. 
  • Mirrors – Mirrors are a great addition to any room and can create the illusion of a room being larger than it actually is which is ideal for small rooms. For larger rooms they are a great focal point and look great above fireplaces, beds, dressers and in bathrooms. They immediately give a room a whole new aspect without having to change absolutely everything within the room.
  • Fabrics – Fabrics are very easy to get a hold of and are great if we use it correctly. You can get very creative with it. You can often find old fabrics lying around the house, tablecloths and old scarves are also good fabrics to use. Change the look of furniture by simply covering it with fabrics and you can also make your own pictures by covering canvas boards with fabric or framing a piece of fabric; this is far cheaper than buying art pieces from stores. You can also use to fabric to add sophistication to a bed. If you are good at needle craft you can create your own pillows and bed covers and can also make bed runners for the bottom of the bed.
  • Old Furniture – Recycle your old furniture by putting it into another room. It can often be changed to fit any theme just by painting it or covering it with fabrics. This is a great way to save money.
  • Stenciling – Stenciling is an easy way to give life to a room. You can purchase stencils from many stores and they are quick and easy DIY tools. All you have to do is place them on a wall, paint them and peel off the stencil. They leave a nice, clean-cut design to add definition and change to a room. Not only are they used for walls but they can also be used on furniture and fabrics too!
  • Photographs – Framed photographs are good for making a room personal to you as well as giving it personality. Because you already have possession of them, the only costs are the purchasing of the frames to put them in and because photographs are all unique, they can be used throughout the house as a pleasant little addition for a homely feel.
  • Work With What Is Already There – Usually the problem many people have when decorating is that the furniture doesn’t match the theme they want; rather than buying furniture to fit a theme, choose a theme to fit the furniture that is already there.

If have any other tips on how to save money when home decorating, be sure to leave a comment below and add yours for others to learn from!

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