Affordable Artwork for Home Decorating

Nothing quite completes and personalizes your home interior the way art prints and paintings can.

If you think about it, art has been around for centuries, since cavemen carved on stone.

It is amazing how much it has evolved and has now become a necessity for any home.

There are over one hundred different types and styles of artwork, including:

  • Abstract Art – art that reforms the reality of an object using lines, geometric shapes and angles.
  • Pop Art – a style of art that is inspired by items of mass culture and commercial art such as comic strips.
  • Figurative Art – a style of art that portrays recognizable figures or objects.
  • Cubism – like abstract art, cubism reforms an object using only lines, angles and geometric shapes without full distortion of an image.
  • Art Deco – a popular art style characterized by bold colors, geometric motifs and materials such as glass and plastic.
  • Realism – a style of art that portrays an object as it is seen without distortion.
  • Portraiture – is a style of art that portrays a person as they are seen.

And the list goes on. However, art can be expensive, especially if you aim to get original pieces which can cost millions of dollars depending on the artist and art piece.

What Type of Art to Use in Home Interior Design

With bold colors and shapes, abstract art works best in a modern home interior.

The most common art found in people’s homes are framed prints of original pieces or canvas prints. Although they are not originals, they still help add to the theme of a home. Artwork is a great addition to a room because it is simple and can work as a central piece or part of an overall theme.

It is rare that we come across the chance to have the privilege of owning an original piece of a famous person’s art, such as, Pablo Picasso’s self portrait, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have any art whatsoever in our home. Just because it isn’t van Gogh hanging on the wall doesn’t mean that it is isn’t beautiful or that people will think any less of us.

Here are some types of affordable artwork available and an idea of where to buy them from.

Type One: Art Prints

The most common artwork in the average home are framed prints of original pieces. In case you don’t know what this means, it is just a replica or copies of the original piece, these types of pieces often have no value to them as there are many of the same ones. However, these can still be expensive to buy from galleries, so to save on the costs; the best places to buy them are on eBay or at yard sales; You would be amazed at what people get rid of.

Fine art and warm walls give this living room a cozy feeling.

Type Two Canvas Prints

This type of artwork is often not a reprint of original paintings or famous artwork but usually just prints of images, such as flowers, stretched onto a canvas board. These are fairly cheap to buy from any store,( unless it is a gallery). They are very common in modern homes as a non drastic addition to a room or an alternative to photographs.

Type Three: Art Posters

These can be similar to type one. They are simply prints of original pieces. Again, they can be purchased from E-bay and yard sales. They can also just be prints of random images as canvas prints are (type two).

Type Four: Street Art

Something which I call: ‘Holiday artwork’ or ‘street artwork.’ These are original pieces from non-famous artists.

These can usually be purchased from people on the streets who are looking to make some money by selling their art. This type of art is most commonly available in foreign countries abroad. Some of the pieces can be beautiful and they are often inexpensive.

However, if you do not travel often then they can sometimes be purchased online and on websites such as E-bay but they will obviously cost more than the individual seller originally paid for the piece. In addition, this type of art can sometimes be found at yard sales.

An alternative to hanging art is to use a display shelf.

Type Five: Original Art Pieces

Although it is expensive to purchase original pieces, it is not impossible. If money is not a primary concern, then it is easy to own original art pieces.

Obviously we are not talking about Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa but other, not so famous, artists such as Peter Williams and Stella Dunkley; artists that only a few have heard of before.

However, these can still be slightly expensive but they are affordable and are ideal for those of us who only want original pieces. This type of art can be purchased in galleries or at online galleries.

Type Six: DIY Artwork

If you are good at art, or even if you’re not, the cheapest way of gaining artwork for your home is to do it yourself. This way you can make it specific for your home and unique.

Use art prints and DIY artwork to give your bedroom a more personal look.

You can experiment with color and techniques such as collage or paint.

But if you’re not very artistic then you can use stencils to create your own artwork. These can be purchased at many stores or online. They are cheap and easy to use and allow you to experiment with the colors you desire.

Finally, as a last tip, the best way of purchasing bargain artwork is to SHOP AROUND! You will find that many places sell overpriced artwork but if you shop around you can find great art for cheap prices! Here is a list of great places to purchase art pieces; eBay, yard sales, estate sales, local fairs, galleries and online galleries.

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