Achieve an Ultra Modern Look in a Converted Warehouse Apartment

You have your new, fabulous apartment in a building that has just been converted from an old warehouse, but how on earth do you furnish it? When the apartment is empty it looks as if it could be the most amazing modern and stylish pad, except that you have no idea what will look good. It is actually quite easy as long as you are prepared to part with your old ways and embrace the design needs of your new apartment.


The last thing you want to do is clutter up your new warehouse conversion with every piece of furniture or memento that you have accumulated over the past few years. One of the recurring and essentials themes for a modern warehouse apartment is minimalism. That does not mean you have to sit in a virtually empty apartment, but it does mean that you should be ruthless with what you have. Bring only what you absolutely love and recycle the rest.

Living Area

Choose clean lines and basic colours like white or black. Try not to overcomplicate the room; it should be an oasis of calm with a definite lack of distractions from loud prints and unnecessary gadgets. Colour can be added with bold carpets or an accent wall painted in a vibrant colour – just don´t overdo it!


Modern warehouse apartments are open and bright and the lighting you choose should take advantage of this fact. The curtains or blinds should not hide the large windows that are so characteristic of apartments in warehouse conversions, make sure they can be pulled back to let in as much light as possible. Not only will it make the apartment look brighter and more spacious, it will also lift your spirits.


Keep as much as possible in the cupboards leaving clean, empty worktops gleaming without having to compete with the clutter of spice jars, pots and pans or half empty packets of foods.


Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you go to relax. Again, like the kitchen, everything should be kept out of sight. Put all your clothes away and don´t leave any chairs in the room where you will be tempted to throw your clothes. When you walk in, all you should see is your bed.


If you are lucky enough to have a terrace or balcony, remember that minimal clutter applies to the outside of the apartment as well. You do not want to have a huge collection of random pots and plants on the terrace which will most likely serve as a tripping hazard. Instead, choose a few select plants or small trees you can grow in pots.

You may have noticed a recurring theme throughout this article – lack of clutter. This should not be confused with minimalism, which gives the impression you have to survive on next to nothing and have an apartment with little more than the four walls around you. Living without clutter simply means avoiding the collection of things that you don´t really need and upsetting the balance in your beautiful new home.

Warehouse space makes a great apartment if you know what to do with it. The best thing is that in fact, creating an ultra modern look in your apartment is actually easier than decorating in traditional style!


Rachel is a freelance blogger on interior design and numerous other subjects.

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