A Twilight Themed Bedroom for Teens

The Twilight Series of books and movies can now come alive in a bedroom theme with your own special touches included, regardless if you’re on Team Edward or Team Jacob.

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For Teens on Team Edward

Color Palette
If you prefer the icy beauty of a vampire, go no further than the covers of the books for color inspiration. The white, black and red of the book covers might be too dramatic for large-scale use, but they make excellent accent colors easily softened by gray or lavender. Deep plums and tiny touches of mauve are also appropriate for a Team Edward room.

Consider using chair rail along the center of the walls, painting it a glossy white. The top of the wall could be a lighter color like white or gray, and the bottom a deep purple or red for a dramatic flair.

Dark wood or black furniture, ornate in design, would be ideal for a Team Edward room. Search garage sales, local thrift stores, or even around your house to repurpose pieces that would work for this theme. Spruce up old pieces of furniture with a couple of coats of primer and a dark paint color to set off your dramatic room colors and fabrics.

The appropriate fabrics for this theme are plush – look for velvet, satin or similar fabrics with a rich, silky feel. Try to find soft throw rugs with a looser twist. Simple but dramatic window treatments include scarves or wispy fabric hung from a wrought iron curtain rod. Include a variety of textures and patterns for a rich, elegant feel.

The setting of the books is Forks, Washington where it is cloudy and dark, and this calls for warm lighting. Create ambiance with a dimmer switch on your overhead lighting, replacing a standard light fixture with a small chandelier in silver or black. Another option is to place small lamps around the room with shades decorated with satin, velvet ribbon and crystals in your room’s accent colors.

There are several movie posters out there to compliment your Team Edward theme. Frame the posters for a finished touch, and hang them near the Twilight series of books prominently on display. Add a few romantic touches, like a vase with black silk roses or a silver picture frame. Include two or three of your favorite quotes from the books on your walls, written with paint or cut out of adhesive-backed vinyl.

For Those on Team Jacob

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For those of you who root for Jacob, the decor for your bedroom is going to be dramatically different but no less romantic.

Color Palette
The book covers are less likely to work here, since the color palette for Team Jacob follows the colors you find in the forest. Dark and sage greens, along with different shades of brown would be ideal, with a touch of red, orange or gold as accent colors.

If you use chair rail along the center of your walls, you could paint the top a lighter color, like a soft gold or light woodsy brown, and the bottom a deep green for a dramatic flair.

Because Jacob is more of an outdoorsy type, furniture appropriate for this theme needs to be rustic. Light or dark browns would work depending on your room’s paint color. Hunt for appropriate pieces of furniture at garage sales, thrift stores or around your house, and spruce them up with a fresh coat of brown paint if necessary.

Fabrics for a Team Jacob room are cozy rather than overly luxurious. Focus on soft cottons and faux furs, along with down comforters that seem to swallow you whole. Rugs and window treatments should incorporate the accent colors, along with throw pillows, and can be made of more substantial material.

Warm lighting is a must, and will help create a cozy atmosphere. Avoid using overhead lighting, instead opting for a variety of lamp styles and sizes set around the room. The lampshades can be varying colors of light greens and browns, along with lighter shades of gold or orange accent colors. Patterns on the lampshades can also create welcome texture in the room.

There are now movie posters that feature browns and golds, ideal for a Team Jacob room. Frame a couple of posters and display them with the Twilight series of books. Include romantic touches, like a small fern or other wispy potted plants, or a few of your favorite quotes from the book on the walls with paint or adhesive-backed vinyl.

Regardless of whether you’re on Team Edward or Team Jacob, your Twilight-themed bedroom will be the envy of every Twilight fan!

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