A Jungle Theme Room for Boys

A jungle theme room is a great idea for kids who love animals and adventure. These tips and ideas will help you create the ideal jungle theme for your little adventurer!

Start With a Central Piece

I knew I wanted to capitalize on a jungle theme for my son’s room when I found the bedspread (pictured at right). It was a great price on clearance at 70% off, and I loved the color scheme. Bright and cheery, it was perfect for the cloudy skies of the Pacific Northwest.

Start with one central piece that you really like, whether it’s bedding, wall prints or fabric that will work perfectly for a jungle theme. Build the room decor around that favorite piece in order to stick with a common color palette.

After I took advantage of my great clearance find and purchased the bedspread – as well as accompanying pillow sham and valance – I had some research to do.

The Best Use of Wall Space

One of the problems with the amount of space in this particular bedroom was the presence of a large, white wall that made the room seem bare and empty. I wanted to do something dramatic to make use of that space, and decided on a large wall mural.

But how do you create a wall mural if all you can draw are stick figures? There are ready-made wall murals out there, but I was too cheap and the color scheme for a Jungle Theme was unusual.

This was one of those times where we realized the value of artistic friends. Taking a cue from the colors and shapes of the animals on the bedspread, a friend of ours created a simple sketch for us. After outlining the pencil drawing in black marker, we projected the design onto the large wall and got to work.

Add Color!

The mural didn’t take much color aside from the green, and it bears repeating that when you use a dark color on a large space, be sure to use a primer first to make your life easier. To get the specific shades of paint we wanted for the animals on the mural, we went through all of our many stored cans of paint and mixed colors. To supplement our paint needs – like black or red – quart cans in specific colors did the trick!

On the alternate walls, we applied a color that matched the bedspread and the wall mural but wasn’t featured in the mural itself. These walls helped tie all of the elements together.

Finishing Touches

There are many small but effective ways to add special finishing touches to a jungle-themed bedroom.

All finished!

In our case, it was framed photographs from a recent trip to the zoo, cropped to feature jungle animals. Other finishing touches for a jungle-themed room could include:

  • Animal-print pillows, bedding, throw blankets or lighting
  • Animal or jungle-themed decals
  • Silk greenery that can be draped along a wall or headboard, or along the ceiling to create a canopy
  • Fabric or canvas to use as a decorative tent over a bed or in a corner for play
  • Photos or prints of jungle animals
  • Safari clothing or gear

To build up a collection of decorations, head to your local thrift stores and gather what you need at a fraction of retail prices. Then your animal-lover adventurer can sleep in a jungle that doesn’t break your budget!

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