A High Point for Furniture Design: Navigating the World’s Largest Furnishings Trade Show

Styles from across the globe converge in High Point North Carolina, home of the world’s largest furnishings trade show, the High Point Market. With legions of suppliers and manufactures based in North Carolina for over a century, the state is a natural hub of interest for industry enthusiasts. North Carolina is the world’s furniture connection, and all the world of interior design and furnishings have chosen it as the place to unveil their latest, greatest offerings. If you are a home design industry professional, High Point Market is a crucial step in gaining an edge in your industry.

High Point Market, renowned as the world’s home for home furnishings, is a must-visit trade show for anyone who has their heart in interior design. Industry insiders, big name trend setters, and furniture professionals alike will all be scaling the aisles of display after display of cutting edge furniture. From textiles to lighting, the market is the only place where you will find it all in one place. The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. There is no other furniture trade show where you can see tens of thousands of new products all in one place. The latest trends and rarest compilations are all packed into ten million square feet of show space. From brand new debuts into the design world, to treasured antique pieces, it’s all at High Point Market.

High Point Markets attracts all the major players in home furnishing and decor, as well as drawing a big crowd of devotees, with 80,000 attendees at each market. Attendees are privy to exclusive up-close-and personal views of the famous name brand exhibitors; as well as the up-and comers who will be tomorrow big brand. Industry insiders in the world of magazine, newspaper, and television media who cover the furniture industry come out in full force to cover emerging designer trends on the front lines. High point market is where trends emerge and the best place to get an exclusive, up close preview of what next season will bring. Chances are, if it’s a trend in home fashion decor, it will make its debut at High Point before the rest of the world sees it.

While the pieces on display may be timeless, the High Point Market has gone high-tech with their approach to how you can experience the market. They have developed a personalized phone app that allows guests to pre-plan and navigate the shows. This bit of masterminding allows you to make the most of your trip; and it means you are able to browse the extensive collection efficiently for packing the most punch in your visit. Since the exhibitors at High Market are so numerous, and the task of navigating the market so laborious, it is essential that a visit be pre arranged detail by detail. It would be impossible to visit every exhibit during the length of a market, so just picking a starting center and attempting to cover the total surface is not a possibility.

The app is also useful for enhancing your personal user experience at the market. You can use the app to check digitally check-in to spots, peek at who else in attendance and alert your contacts to what exhibitions you are browsing. Share the fun of your High Point Market experience with all your friends and industry collaborators!

High Point Market is a convergence of design within four walls but without borders. High Point and its exhibitors are truly an international mix. Designers and exhibitors featured represent over 100 countries around the globe.

High Point Market is the world’s event axis for emerging trends in furniture and design.
High Point Market is located at 210 East Commerce Ave., High Point, NC 27260.


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