A Guide to Choosing Wallpaper for Your New Home

When you are moving to a new home, one of the first things that you recognize that needs to be done is the designing of the walls and ceilings. You have many options here, two of which are painting or using wallpaper.

More Value For Your Money

When you are first moving into a home you may be short on cash, with all of your money spent on the new house,

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moving services, and anything else that came along the way. This fact might make you go with the lower up front cost in painting, but if you take a closer look, you will find that over time, wallpaper is actually the better overall replacement, as it may need to be replaced every 15 years while painting will need maintenance every 3 or so years.

Before choosing your wall paper you want to keep these points in mind:

  • Should you use pre-pasted or nonpasted wallpaper?
  • What pattern will best compliment the room?
  • How much wallpaper will you actually need?
  • Will you need stain resistant or washable wallpaper?
  • What type of wallpaper will produce the overall look you want?

Types and Designs

Wallpaper comes in all different types and can be made out of one of any plethora of materials. Some materials that wallpaper can be made out of include bamboo, paper, glass, sand, and even grass. The most popular substances they are made out of are resistant to tears, offer easy applications, and are made out of pre-pasted vinyl and vinyl-coated papers.

Different designs have different effects on the room:

Stripes: Stripes can give the illusion of the room being taller (vertical stripes) or they can elongate narrow rooms

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(horizontal stripes). This is a good idea when you have a room with limited space or with low ceilings.

Small Patterns: This is another pattern that works well in small spaces. It’s claim to fame is that it calls attention to your overall color patterns very well, so if you have some colors that you really like and would like to show off, then this would be the route to take.

Light Colors: As with the two already mentioned, light colors will help make a smaller room look bigger, especially when you have large furniture or items like a big Vizio TV. These colors that are vibrant bring joyful feelings and they really help to illuminate the hanging art in the room.

Large Patterns: Larger patterns make large rooms less intimidating, and it creates a cozy, comfortable environment. Perfect for large living rooms.

Floral or Repeated Patterns: This type of pattern is great for hiding bumps and imperfections in your wall. It can also be used to highlight smaller areas that normally wouldn’t get featured.

Dark Colors: Dark colors make large rooms look smaller. They also put you at ease as darker colors are said to be

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more relaxing.

Ultimately your budget and personal preference will take over when it comes to choosing wallpaper, but you should keep these tips in mind as they will come in handy when you are choosing room specific wallpaper and help you make better decisions.

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