7 Outdoor Furnishing Ideas

This summer it’s time to do something exciting. Whether you are wanting to do a total makeover of you outdoor space, or just add an interesting flair, I have seven great ideas that will bring some additional depth and functionality to your porch, balcony, patio, or sun room.

1. Let there be lights! Since most summer parties go into the evening, and since the evenings are typically warm solar lightsenough to stay out in, investing in some cool lighting options may just be the ticket for creating a warm and ambient space for friends and family to congregate. If your outdoor furniture tends to be more modern in nature, consider the increasingly popular varieties of solar-powered lamps and spotlights or various (even changing) colors. If you are the more traditional type, try to harness the power of fire in several unique ways. Old kerosene lanterns and Tiki torches are rustic and charming enough to cause your patio to glow.

2. Daybeds: Find new ways to relax outside this summer. If you plan on sitting out on the porch or balcony for any period of time, consider going all the way with one of several varieties and sizes of day beds. Long and luxurious, you may want to stay out all night if you get too comfortable!

3. People love watching fire at night, so set up a fire pit as the focal point of your outdoor space. With too many varieties to list and a style for every patio set-up, a fire pit helps give the backyard a living room feel. Not to mention all the marshmallows you could roast!

4. Whether you have a covered porch or not, canopy umbrellas are an inexpensive and quick fix to the glaring sun. There are some adjustable umbrellas big enough to cover a whole outdoor living room set, and others that are perfect for just extending the covered space you already have.

5. Let’s bring the porch swing back! Just like the fire pits, swings can come in any style, for any need. Those who decided to upgrade their patio with a porch swing have often found it to be their most used piece of furniture! Throw a few weather-proof pillows on it to give it all the down-home comfort of your favorite living room couch.

6. Have you ever considered gardening? Whether you have or not, plants (flowers, strawberries, tomatoes, sunflowers, etc) are great for making a blah outdoor space seem like a thriving garden. If you already have a garden, consider ways of potting your smaller produce on the edges of the patio or in hanging baskets. If you kill green thing you touch, there are some varieties of pre-potted plants at your local Lowes or Home Depot that require minimal upkeep. Additionally, surrounding your garden with a small wrought iron or picket fence covered in vines makes the functional space of the garden a beautiful view.

7. Some of the most interesting places that I never actually go are statue shops. If you have an artistic side and want to make your outdoor living space a place for reflection and interesting conversation, consider a few ceramic, concrete, or metal statues/art pieces to liven the place up!

Whatever you decide, be yourself, and be creative!

Author Bio: Ethan S. writes on behalf of Design55, a UK-based designer furniture shop that has a great line of outdoor furnishing ideas. Design55 Outdoor blends functionality with modern creativity.

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