4 Tips to Transform your Dining Room on a Budget

Transforming a room sounds like a costly project, when in actual fact you can transform the appearance of a room with a lick of paint and some tasteful accessorizing. Dining rooms are one of the rooms with an entertainment purpose, which is why many homeowners feel it important for the room to be looking exquisite. It can be a chance to show off an attractive home to guests or just a generally pleasant room for you and your family to relax in. Whatever your reasoning may be, turning a room with a table into a fully-fledged dining room is now easier than you ever imagined.

Burning Desire

Candles are one of the easiest yet most effective ways to create a relaxing ambience. With candles, the possibilities are endless; from luxurious candelabras to dainty tealights, you can make whatever statement you wish. Different styles often have different accessories available to turn them into an ornamental feature.

Top tip: For traditional, grand dining rooms, antique candelabras can make an excellent centrepiece for the dining table.Just make sure to always extinguish any lit candles at the end of your relaxing evening.

Dress to Impress

When entertaining, you will always dress to impress your guests and your table shouldn’t be an exception. The best way to create a different atmosphere for guests each time they come it to dress different table linens onto your dining table for different occasions. When chosen appropriately, tablecloths can transform even the most mundane tables into ones

Fall Tablescape with Sunflowers

which are fit for a banquet.

Top tip: Tablecloths and runners can be convenient for maintenance purposes. They prevent your table from getting ruined and hide any existing stains or damage.

Hints of Personality

Although you’ll want your home to look as glorious as a show home, there’s one major thing they lack – personality. In order to create a welcoming and cosy feel to your dining room, allow hints of your personal life to shine through. Family portraits are an excellent way to personalise without losing taste. When done by a professional they can resemble a piece of art.

Top tip: If you feel the bare walls in your dining room are creating a cold atmosphere, hang a portrait to break up the continual wall covering and add some personality to your home.

Utilise your Corners

Many dining rooms have abundances of spare space once the table and chairs have been accounted for. This can make it hard to find places for ornaments, leaving you with a bare dining room. This is where corner units and tables can be extremely useful, for not only displaying ornaments but also for use as extra storage space.

Top tip: If your corner unit has a drawer, it can be a convenient location for your silverware. It will save you a lot of walking for the amount of times guests drop their cutlery whilst eating.

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