4 Things to Remember When Making YOUR Unique Bedroom!

Your bedroom is your personal space for relaxation and essential rest. Your bedroom should be the one area of your house or flat where you feel grounded, serene and secure. While current trends in home decor largely dictate the palette of colours available in bed linens, carpeting etc…, it is up to you to supplement out-of-the-box home fashion with those accessories, personal items and bedroom furniture that speak to your sense of self. This will help to create a truly personal, totally comfortable, contemporary space.

The Fundamentals and Essentials

When you set out to transform an empty chamber into a bedroom, you may be faced with the aesthetic of the previous tenant or homeowner in terms of wall and carpeting colours. If these are neutral shades, such as white or ecru, consider yourself in luck. Contemporary decorating wisdom holds that neutral hues provide a crisp, clean backdrop for bedroom furniture, and you will save time and expense if the existing colours suffice. However, if you find white walls too stark, consider painting or wallpapering a single wall with an accent colour. Place coordinating accent rugs over the existing flooring to add warmer hues.

Modern Styles

In order to achieve an integrated, restful space, the best strategy is to select a particular trend or theme that you like and then apply your personal creative touch. Contemporary designers recognize several current trends in home décor, including:

• Minimalist – simple lines, basic shapes, neutral colour scheme, no frills
• Eco-friendly – furniture with natural, non-toxic finishes, unbleached linens, nature’s colour palette
• Organic – eclectic furnishings, natural accents such as fresh and dried bouquets, handcrafts such as pieced quilts
• Ethnic – furnishings made of exotic wood, vibrant colour accents, décor pieces from faraway locations
• Bauhaus – upscale and sophisticated with classic furnishings, old-world solidity and culture
• Country ranch – relaxed, carefree decorating look with rustic wood furnishings and down-to-earth accents such as bricks and stoneware

Choosing Furniture

Your selection of bedroom furniture is critical to your chamber’s utility and decor. Your bed is the focal point of the room, and as such it must be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. This is that all-important stage in organising your bedroom when you must make stylistic decisions.

If you are going for a chic minimalist bedroom, you might select a simple bed with a plain headboard, or you might choose a platform upon which you set your mattress. For an organic decor scheme, you should select a bed frame made of wood or another natural material such as bamboo. A Bauhaus look requires bedroom furniture with a classic, high-gloss profile that makes a statement of opulence. A country ranch style bedroom calls for such materials as distressed leather or chunky wood furnishings.

Despite what you may read in the home magazines, modern bedroom furniture need not be stark or uninteresting, unless you choose it for the express purpose of creating that particular style. Warm wood, padded headboards, even log furnishings have their place in an appropriate decor scheme.


Once you’ve made your furniture selection, assess your work so far to determine what accessories, personal mementos, and colour accents you can add to personalize the environment. Even the minimalist bedroom needs a few additions. Reading lamps, a low profile stereo system, or perhaps monochromatic window shades would complete the decor.

If your decor appears impersonal or cold, dress your bed in colourful linens that compliment or contrast with the decorating scheme, as you prefer. If your bedroom appears disjointed, add touches that create connections between items in the room. For example, add a photo wall with frames that match your furniture. Add pillows that pick up the colours of your curtains.

Be sure to keep your decorating scheme in mind when adding accessories, but feel free to colour outside the lines as necessary. If you have a favourite reading chair that you would like to incorporate, but it does not match the style of your bedroom furniture, try using slip covers in neutral shades that match the walls and carpeting, or pair the chair with a table that does match the style of your bedroom furnishings.

Above all, listen to your inner sense of style when decorating your most intimate and private haven. Keep the items you care about close, and don’t be afraid to indulge your imagination. You have the best instincts when it comes to creating an environment where you feel comfortable enough to dream.

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