3 Quick Tips to Create the Perfect Garden

With a little bit of planning creating your ideal outdoor living area is easier than you think. The problem most people have is working out where to start.

1. Design the garden

The first step is to assess what you want to use your garden for. Don’t limit yourself to just one thing; a well-designed garden will have several different elements to it. Below are some popular options:

– Vegetable plot
– Flower bed for bedding plants
– An eating area
– A relaxation area
– A water feature

You can grab inspiration from all over the place. Tear out pages of magazines; look on gardening forums and in gardening books. Your garden is limited only by your imagination.

2. Assess the situation

What is already in your garden? If you have a patio or an area of decking you don’t necessarily want to pull it all up and start over again. You could buy potted plants from a garden centre or decorate fences and walls using climber plants.
Also think about the location of the sun. Which way does your garden face? You want to plan your garden around this. A south facing garden is the ideal setup as it benefits from the most sun.

3. Create the perfect outdoor area

Once you have planned the perfect garden you will want to buy the necessary equipment to make the dream a reality. Outdoor furniture helps transform a garden into the perfect spot to dine and relax. Choose a furniture set that matches the style of your house and garden, for a traditional feel stick to Teak, contemporary – metal, or best of both – Rattan. If you want to make yourself feel truly special, consider a garden sofa.

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