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Wood Flooring

Wood floors add value to your home at resale time, not to mention it is a lifetime product. Wood flooring increases in value just as your home does. Hardwood floor products are one of the most sought after and most popular hard surface flooring in remolding and new home construction. Maintaining your wood flooring is […]

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Teen Bedroom Design

Once your child becomes a teenager, that old “kids’ furniture” in their room becomes a real sore point as they want to express their individuality and do not wish to be considered a little kid in any way, shape or form. Inevitably, there comes that day when your teenager declares “I hate my room. Why […]

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Solar Heating Options For Your Home

With the stress on our electrical grids and power supply concerns, more homeowners are opting to use solar heating for their home heating needs. How Can a Solar Heating System Be Used? Solar heating harnesses the power of the sun to provide solar thermal energy for solar hot water, solar space heating, and solar pool […]

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Slate Tile

Slate tile has been widely used for centuries in the building industry. Its main function has been as a building stone due to its easy to work with texture. However, it is a very heavy material, thus quite expensive to move around, so it was mainly used in regions close to slate quarries. Those areas […]

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Roof Shingles

Most of us do not think about our roof shingles…until we see a brown water spot indicating a leak on the ceiling! Then we realize just how important our roof shingles are! As well as keeping the house dry, the roof contributes to the look of the house, so when building a new house, adding […]

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Nail Gun

A nail gun is a type of tool used to drive nails into wood or some other kind of material. Electromagnetism, compressed air, gases such as butane or propane, or, for powder-actuated tools, a small explosive charge, usually drive the nail gun. Because of their efficiency and time saving ways, nail guns have in many […]

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Marble Tile

Marble tiles are the most spectacular flooring media on the market. In popularity, they beat even the highest grades of granite! They are most commonly used in formal master bathrooms, on the floors and walls, but have a variety of applications. However, there are certain precautions that must be taken before using them. First of […]

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Installing Laminate Flooring

You would think that following instructions would be the first step in installing Laminate flooring, but all too often, people (even contractors) rush to get the job done, and overlook some very important do’s and don’ts when installing laminate flooring! Laminate flooring must acclimatize to your home. This is done by placing the boxes in […]

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House Framing & Structure

The "skeleton" of a house is referred to as the frame. Although some new homes utilize steel framing, most houses still utilize wood for the beams, floor joists, walls studs, roof rafters and other structural components. To ensure the structure’s strength, all components are sized and built in accord with building codes and are based […]

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Garage Flooring

Garage floors suffer more than any other floor in our home! So why is it so often poured concrete that stains easily and looks dirty nearly all the time? There are many options for garage flooring you may have overlooked! Epoxy coating is one idea to your garage flooring, it is cheap and gives excellent […]

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