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Preventing Distractions When Working at Home

We live in an age where the term “information overload” doesn’t even begin to fully capture how easy it is to get distracted while online. Whether you have trouble occasionally focusing, find yourself increasingly bored while at work, or suffer from ADHD, today’s world is brimming with concentration killers. So what are some of the […]

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Moving on Up: Making the Most of Your Home Vertically

So you’ve just moved into your dream apartment. It has all the things you have ever wanted – a great view, a claw foot tub and gleaming hardwood floors. Yet it has one tiny drawback. It is approximately 332 square feet. No bother! Thanks to innovative design ideas and stores Tiffany Home Furnishings, creating a […]

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Making Over Your Living Space and Your Life

Ever come home from a hard day at work and simply flop down on the couch and turn on the TV? Yeah, thought so. It’s quite possible almost every single person on the planet has done this at one time or another. Do you find yourself thinking more and more about your couch while working? […]

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How to Furnish Your Apartment on a Budget

Whether trying to furnish a dorm room or a first apartment after college, saving money is key for anyone just starting out on their own. Trying to stock your new pad full of furniture straight off the showroom floor is an expensive proposition that many people just can’t afford. Fortunately, your new place doesn’t have […]

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Creative Ideas for Bringing Nature Into Your Home

It’s no secret that the world is running on an epically fast pace. City living has many benefits, but access to nature isn’t always one of them. Studies have shown that people that receive more exposure to nature are happier with lower stress levels. So how do you get exposure if living in the heart […]

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The Best Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Congrats! You’ve just brought home your wonderful little bundle of joy and are ready to begin the long and always eventful journey of parenthood. Unfortunately, this journey doesn’t come with a road map, and many objects will be closer than they appear. Even though your infant can’t lift her head or even roll over yet […]

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Indoor Fun to Beat the Summer Heat

While the summer time usually means spending plenty of time in the sun, there rainy days, high heat indexes, and ozone alerts can all necessitate spending a little time indoors. Parents who are weary of letting the television or X-box be their child’s sole source of entertainment can never have enough ideas about creative ways […]

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Dealing with Hidden Dangers at Home

Your home should serve as a healthy and comfortable haven where you and your family feel completely safe. Unfortunately, hidden dangers lurk throughout your home that can threaten the wellbeing of everyone living under your roof. Pest, viruses, germs, and chemicals can all present serious risks when left unchecked. To help you keep these unseen […]

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Glimpsing the Home of the Future

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Tips on How to Store Your Summer Tools

Summer means shedding the pallor of winter and drying off from the showers of spring, as the warm weather of the season all but demands spending time soaking in some sun. Whether cooking out in the backyard or taking the time to complete some lawn maintenance, the summer also requires breaking out plenty of equipment […]

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