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A Wood Coffee Maker, Norwegian Style

While they might not be growing coffee beans in Norway and Scandinavia, Norwegian designer Oystein Helle Husby has come up with one very curvy, flowing and organic-looking espresso machine, made using planks of Populus. Using 3D modeling software and a CNC milling machine to laboriously take the project from design to completion, Husby, an Oslo […]

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2011 Trends in Home Improvement

Want to know what experts have to say about this year’s home improvement trends? We’ve got a top 10 list, plus a great Infographic that gives you a quick snapshot of what 50 experts think the hot topics will be in 2011 for homeowners, DIYers, designers and contractors. You should be able to find plenty […]

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25 Cool Teen Bedroom Themes

Here’s a list of the 25 most popular themes for teen bedrooms. Teens are very picky about how their bedroom looks and parents don’t always understand why the walls have to be pink or black. But what bedroom themes can teens and mom and dad agree on?

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Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teen Girls

Decorating your teen girl’s room can be a fun project for moms and daughters to enjoy together but a teenager should have plenty of say in how her room looks!

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Pretty in Pink Girls Bedroom Theme

Admittedly, pink is not really a theme, but rather a color. However the color evokes a girl’s bedroom that is soft, feminine, playful and cozy. Your young girl’s bedroom can be filled with dots, ruffles or lace, but however you decide to decorate your daughter’s pink room you can be certain it will be fabulous. […]

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Your Home’s R Value – Attic Insulation Do-it-Yourself Guide

Why Should You Care About R Value? R value (resistance to heat flow) may not seem that crucial, but it could be costing you money! Insulation is a material you probably spend precious little time thinking about. Until sub zero (or sweltering) weather, a three-digit utility bill or chilly drafts start to come, and you […]

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Kids Room Decor Ideas

Decorating your kids room can be one of the most fun home decorating projects you’ll find. Kids room decor should be about imagination and creativity; the sky … or the jungle, a castle, the sea or any of a hundred other realms of imagination … really is the limit! Try to get your child involved […]

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Budget Home Decorating Guide

Interior decorating on a budget can be a challenge; prioritizing is critical. Our Budget Home Decorating Guide gives you dozens of money-saving ideas, tips, examples and photos to follow as you plan your interior design project on a shoestring budget!

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Air Duct Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your home’s air ducts helps prevent major maintenance issues, promotes good health for your family and reduces your home energy expenses.

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Kids Playroom Ideas

A Kids’ Playroom is important to early childhood development; kids need a place of their own to pretend play, work on arts and crafts projects and let their imaginations run wild. Read on to learn dozens of great children playroom ideas and tips.

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