About Rafter Tales

Dare to dream; you can make your home the castle of your own creation!Dedicated to do-it-yourself home improvement, remodeling, building, design, decorating and maintenance, Rafter Tales started as a personal blog documenting how one of our writers built her own home almost 10 years ago.

The name Rafter Tales is derived from the fact that Rafters (or Roof Trusses, as the case may be!) hold up the proverbial “roof over your head”.

Our website tells you stories of how to make your home a castle of your own creation; something many people only dream of, while our users are destined to achieve their dream of making their home their castle!

The site originally began as a diary of the experiences of a first time do-it-yourself home builder who had a dream to build the home of her dreams in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains in our popular series "Building On The Ledge". These chronicles drew interest from others who became inspired by the stories of one homeowner’s trials and tribulations and later grew into a community website offering ideas, tips and hands on guides on home improvement, remodeling and do-it-yourself tutorials.

Today, Rafter Tales has become a thriving community resource for people who want to improve their home and need ideas, tips, instructional guides, photos and videos showing how to complete a range of home improvement and decorating projects.

Whether you want to redecorate your kids’ bedrooms, build a house, or just learn about various styles of home architecture, interior design or garden and landscaping styles, Rafter Tales offers you hundreds of informative articles.

Our team of freelance writers editorial staff and technology folks are dedicated to bringing you new ideas and topics every week. With skills and expertise ranging from general contracting, carpentry and the building trades, to home architecture, interior design and more, our writers have the knowledge to show you how to tackle almost any home improvement project yourself.

Unlike most of the large, commercial websites in the home and garden field, Rafter Tales has no affiliation with suppliers, TV shows or offline publications. We are supported strictly by the advertising you see on the site, which is served by third party services. Rafter Tales does not recommend the products or services of any specific contractors, manufacturers or retailers and is dedicated to bringing you unbiased information.

Whereas many of the large commercial websites gloss over the details or give you basic overviews of how their teams of designers and contractors make over a home (a la This Old House or HGTV), Rafter Tales strives to give you the details on how to accomplish almost any type of home improvement, remodeling, interior decorating or home building project yourself.

If you have ideas for topics you’d like to see us publish or ideas on how we can improve the value and usefulness of the website, please do contact us! We’d love to hear from you. Also, your comments and feedback are always welcome in the comments section of our stories; community is very important to keeping Rafter Tales growing and expanding so that others can learn how to make their home a place to enjoy and spend time with friends and family in comfort and style!